8 Best White Play Kitchens for Your Little Chef

Take a look at these great white play kitchens for your child’s imagination! Find the one that best meets your needs and budget.


8 Best White Play Kitchens

Play kitchens can be expensive, but you don’t want to skimp on quality.

We’ve all seen the cheap plastic play kitchens, but let’s face it – they just aren’t as cute as the wooden ones.

When you’re looking at buying a new white play kitchen it’s important to look at more than price. Consider what features are most important to you as well as how much space you have in your home or apartment for this type of toy. There is no one perfect option out there that will meet everyone’s needs perfectly, so take some time to consider what matters most when making this decision!

What are the benefits of a play kitchen?

white play kitchens graphic with 8 play kitchens

I, for one, love independent play and letting my kids learn things by doing (like Montessori climbing toys or our favorite Montessori floor beds!).

Play kitchens encourage kids to use their creativity by getting them involved in cooking. Your child can make all sorts of pretend meals with play food and kitchen accessories like pots and pans!

They can even act out real-life scenarios from making breakfast for mommy to baking cookies for grandma’s birthday party.

8 Great White Play Kitchen Options

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KidKraft Uptown White Wooden Play Kitchen with Play Phone & Chalkboard

KidKraft Uptown White Wooden Play Kitchen with Play Phone & Chalkboard

There’s no need for your kiddos to cook up an argument over who has to do the dishes when you have this sweet little play kitchen.

See what I did there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

All of your children can play at once and help out with cleaning without breaking anything or disturbing your actual appliances!

The cute little chalkboard on the side is perfect for your kids to write what they’d like you to cook them on their next visit or a quick little shopping list.


KidKraft Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen with Pretend Ice Maker and Play Phone

This KidKraft play kitchen is the one that we have at our house and I can totally attest to the fact that it can take a beating.

There are several super cute hacks of this play kitchen too around the blogosphere. Like this black and white play kitchen right here that has modern vibes or this one here that leans more boho.

This vintage wooden white play kitchen is a perfect choice for your little chef and will be enjoyed as much by parents as it is by your babes.


KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

What I love about this corner toy kitchen from KidKraft is that if your space is limited and you need something to go in a corner, this one is perfect! I also love that it’s the right height for a younger child, but will also grow with your older ones.

If your kids have to have something with sound and lights, you’re in luck with this one – the ice maker makes a sound and the burners have lights that make it look more realistic.


KidKraft Large Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

KidKraft Large Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Icemaker, Play Phone

Another white play kitchen that has realistic lights and sounds is this one from KidKraft. This kitchen has both a refrigerator and freezer, as well as a stove top.

The knobs that turn off two burners make realistic clicking noises when turned as well. The ‘fridge’ doubles as a convenient storage space with two shelves where kids can organize their play food.

Your kids can cook to their heart’s desire and leave the mess out of your way. SCORE, mom and dad.


Wayfair Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set from Wayfair

I love the modern look of this white play kitchen. The oven, sink, and refrigerator doors open and close just like the real deal. All the parts are heavy enough that they won’t easily topple over with aggressive play (which is great for toddlers).

I’m not the only one with aggressive toddlers am I?? This kitchen includes a storage space area that looks like it will hold up well to unwanted spills. The gold details also make this one look super expensive, but the price is actually very budget-friendly!


Maisonette Essential Play Kitchen

Maisonette Essential Play Kitchen

Without a doubt, the highest price white play kitchen here is also the best. Actually, “the most beautiful” is more accurate because the Maisonette Essential Play Kitchen by Milton & Goose Ltd. is a real work of art for your child’s room or playroom.

A gorgeous and sturdy piece to be enjoyed day after day, this little play kitchen is as gorgeous as it is safe. Each piece may vary in size, shape, color and grain due to the nature of being handmade. Hence that handmade price tag.


Teamson Kids Little Chef Boston Modern Play Kitchen

Teamson Kids Little Chef Boston Modern Play Kitchen

This modern white play kitchen is great for smaller spaces. Since it is only one little section as opposed to having all the added bells and whistles, this has everything you need but in a more compact version.

Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it leaves creativity and exploration lacking at all!


Gymax Kids Pretend Kitchen Playset

Gymax Kids Pretend Kitchen Playset

Last but not least is this Gymax kitchen playset. This playset will give your child hours of fun while they develop his imagination and creativity. The kitchen has a lot of pieces to keep your child busy cooking up meals for the fam undisturbed.

In addition, this play kitchen will be perfect for role playing and is durable enough to last through rough play and years of daily use. The realistic details, vibrant colors and fun sounds make it the perfect kitchen playset that your little chef will love!

The kitchen includes a stove with clicking knobs, a working microwave oven, and a fridge.

Kids love playing with play kitchens because they’re so creative and interactive. Not only that, but kids get a lot of use out of them. Three years is usually when the novelty wears off (though some kids may enjoy it until age six).


I can promise you that the money you spend will be returned to you 10 fold with the memories you and your little ones can make. Then once they’re all tuckered out, why don’t you put them to bed in their princess room or Star Wars themed room? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Happy cooking!

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