Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Regardless of age, we all like to feel like a princess every now and then. These princess bedroom decorating ideas are great for kids of all ages!


Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you run a quick Google search on princess room decor ideas, you’ll find everything from a budget friendly Disney princess room to $27,000 beds.

Seriously. I nearly puked when I saw this hot air balloon bed listed for more than I paid for my SUV and husband’s truck combined.

But it definitely is possible to get a sweet princess themed bedroom on a budget and I’m sharing some of the best inspiration I’ve seen out there with you fine people!

What is a princess room?

Well, depending on who you ask, you can have a royal princess room or a Disney princess room.

If you lean more towards having a Disney princess room, you can create it using bedding, stuffed animals, and Disney Princess room wall art.

The rooms that I decided to round up lean more towards the royal nursery decor for princesses like crowns, soft pinks and calm, neutral color palettes.

Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Nursery

This just feels so grandiose. The stunning flowers and the tulle crown above the gold crib. This room is ready for a royal baby girl indeed.

What I love so much about this little princess bedroom is that it’s neutral. Just because you want to set up a princess themed room for your baby girl doesn’t mean your nursery decor has to look like it puked pink or purple. This neutral space is serene, yet you just know there’s a sweet little love that lives here.

I love the details in this space. Using the candle sconces as wall decor and then tying in the crown over the bed with the crown wall art over the small nightstand.

Also, did you see that sweet little carriage as decor on top of that dresser too? SO CUTE! You can fill that with hair bows, pacifiers, or a mixture of both. This room feels like a girl’s very own princess castle.

I’m in love with every detail of this princess bedroom. The upholstered crib, the wallpaper and paint combination on the wall and that amazing little chair next to her crib. I mean, I’m not a baby girl, but if I were, I’m not sure I’d ever want to leave this room!

Ummmmm, holy moly. TWIN PRINCESS NURSERY? I’ll take it. I can’t get over the fact that every single detail of this girls’ room is perfection. The colors, the textures, the nursery bedroom furniture – all of it. This designer at Rockabye Mommy nailed it.

Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Girls Room

The most perfect crown on top of her bed! The tulle hanging over the bed that matches the dress and the ballerina doll that matches the hanging dress in the corner. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

This bedding just makes me want to go lay in it. It’s SO FLUFFY! But seriously, the rest of this room decor is simple and if your daughter grows out of the princess room in a few years, you could just remove the canopy and change some bedding out for a more teen bedroom feel.

Okay, look. It’s not too often that I’m jealous of an ACTUAL kid’s room but go ahead and consider this one of those times. That bright pink sets off the decor, but the stunning upholstered bed makes this for me. The canopy that matches the drapes is perfect for a tween that may be phasing out of the princess phase but still want to feel royal.

I’ve dubbed this the princess wall. Ha. 2 twin beds that are set up for a shared princess sister room. It makes me wonder if next door or down the hall is the brother who has a fun Star Wars themed bedroom.

I feel like this was probably intentional in this design, but the twinkly lights in the shape of a heart are such a sweet touch to this girls princess bedroom.

How do you make a princess room?

If you take a look at all these photos above, you can see that there are several elements that are in every room.

Even if you don’t have thousands to spend, here are some princess bedroom decorating ideas and tips to create your own princess room to fit on in your budget.

01. Wall Crown and Canopy

Depending on your budget, a wall crown can be a great accent for over your princess’s bed. If you don’t want to spend the money on a 3D crown, you could also get one made from vinyl as a wall decal.

Try these other options for wall crowns and canopies:

02. Soft Pink Paint Colors

white glider in nursery with gold floor lamp and sherwin Williams

I actually wrote an entire post on the 10 best pink paint colors for girls rooms! Any of these will have your sweet little princess swooning.

03. Pink or White Bedding

If you’re anything like me, I know what you’re thinking – white bedding with kids? You’re nuts.

I know, I know. But the key to bedding that looks super cozy and fluffy is layers so it could just be that white could be part of the layers, but you still have the pink to hid some of the super cute, yet gross kid things.

Try these other options for pink or white bedding:

04. Gold Wall Decor

Whether you have more white or more pink in your princess room, gold decor of some sort is basically a requirement.

The good news is this can be done with either DIY projects like using spray paint to make something gold or you can get budget friendly gold wall decor. Below are some options for any budget.

Try these other options for gold wall decor:

05. Elegant Chandelier

Having a crystal chandelier adds a sweet, feminine touch to any princess bedroom and the good news is that you can usually get them for a pretty good price. You can always pay more for stuff, but if you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you have to spend a billion dollars to get the glam look your princess deserves.

Try these other options for elegant chandeliers:

Sure, if you want to spend thousands of dollars on a room you can!

Or if you’d rather save the dough so that you can create a room your girl will love on a budget, this should give you a great start to building the most perfect princess room with the best princess bedroom decorating ideas that fit your needs!

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