Tie Dye Wallpaper You Must See

Tie dye is all the rage as of late. Bring a little bit of the trend to your teen’s room or a playroom and get your hands on these great tie dye wallpaper options!


Tie Dye Wallpaper

If I didn’t know any better, I would think my time machine worked and I was just out here chilling in the 60s.

Tie dye has come back into style and it’s come back with a vengeance. I mean, even my 6 year old daughter is making tie dye shirts at her summer camps.

But I gotta admit – I’m kinda digging it.

It’s crossing over into decor too and so I’ve been on the hunt for some great tie dye wallpaper that would be great to use in a playroom as an accent wall or in your teen’s room!

Tie Dye Wallpaper Ideas for Teen Rooms or Playrooms

Tie dye wallpaper that's great for teen rooms or playrooms

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Here are a few things I’m loving about tie dye making its comeback now:

Think more muted, less “groovy”

When I think about tie dye from the 60s or even my childhood in the 90s, it was super bright, super bold and super obnoxious.

Now, we have most calm, pastel tie dye designs that can really work in any design space.

All design elements can have tie dye

It’s not just things like pastel tie dye wallpaper that are great for design, but the fact that you can get anything tie dye (or “hand dipped” as I’ve seen it described) and it provides texture and color without being too loud or boisterous.

Having a tie dye pillow, blanket, or rug may even work great as part of a boho dorm room or bedroom!

What are your thoughts on tie dye making a comeback? Specifically, how do you feel about tie dye wallpaper? Would you ever put it in a space of your own?

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