Boho Dorm Room

It’s back to school season and boho is IN! Here’s some ways to get a boho dorm room of your own


How To Create A Boho Dorm Room

Crazy to think that it’s back to school time.

Even crazier to think how long it’s been since I’ve been in college myself, but a girl can dream, right?

Boho wasn’t in when I was in college, but it is now and I’m going to live vicariously through you who are here to find out how to make the boho dorm room of your dreams!

boho dorm room mood board

Elements of a Boho College Dorm Room

Cozy, neutral bedding

Hear me say it if no one else does – Neutral bedding does not always equal shades of white or grey. This deep dusty rose colored bedding with tassels is a great option to bring neutral color to your dorm to keep the theme of a boho room.

Try these other bedding options:


Depending on where you are at school and what your dorm room situation is, you may or may not be able to have your own bed.

It also might be possible for you to just have a headboard to add to your dorm wall behind your bed to make the bed look more personalized. If you are able to have your own bed, this rattan bed from Urban Outfitters is a straight up stunner.

Try these other bed or headboard options:

Throw pillows and blankets

One of my favorite ways to make a bed look fluffy and comfy is to add layers. Throw pillows like these tassel throw pillows from Urban Outfitters are a great addition to any bedding.

Ahhh, seriously just looking at this stack of throw blankets makes me want to crawl up in here and take a nap.

Although, having kids and a job and being an adult and having all the things to do makes me want to take a nap all the time anyways, but that’s besides the point.

Try these other throw pillow and throw blanket options:


Now, listen. You could totally do real greenery if you want. If you wanna be a plant mama, go for it.

But chances are if you’re studying for exams or hanging out with your friends, you may not have time for real plants and that’s okay! Faux plants are just as beautiful these days, and this fiddle leaf fig plant from Target can give off those boho vibes you want in your sweet, small space.

Try these other faux plant options:

Rattan decor

When I think boho decor, I think rattan all the way. I love the feeling that natural woven wood brings and you can find all kinds of rattan decor items like mirrors, storage baskets like this one and even furniture like some of the beds already shared here.

Depending on what you need for your dorm room decorations, you could have anything from a rattan headboard or a rattan wall mirror. The possibilities are endless and you could even dress it up a bit to make it more boho chic..

Try these other rattan element options:

Wall decor

When I think boho home decor (or dorm decor, I guess I should say), I immediately think of macrame wall hangings in some way. I love combining a macrame wall hanging with plants (real or fake!) like this wall hanging does!

That or collage kits where you can hang a ton of photos of people, places, and things you love. Throw in some twinkly string lights and you are well on your way to the boho dorm room of your dreams.

Try these other wall decor options:


If you have space in your dorm for a floor lamp, it can provide a cozy ambiance and this gold lamp with pink tassel fringe fits the bill.

Another great option is twinkly lights! You can put them behind your bed or create a wall hanging even as part of your collage kit if you’ve got a lot of photos hanging on your wall.

Try these other lighting options:


From your living room to your dorm room, a rug is THE MOST practical way to pull a room together.

Even if you’re sharing a space with a roommate, you can put a rug down like this neutral rainbow rug in between your beds as a symbol of your 2 lives being shared…or something sentimental like that.

Try these other rug options:

There are a ton of other elements you can add to your space to give it that boho chic feel. It all depends on the size of your space, but the possibilities go on and on and on and on and……you get the drift.

Enjoy the boho dorm room of your dreams, friends!

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