Star Wars Themed Room

If you’ve got a Star Wars loving kiddo, these Star Wars themed room ideas are for you!

Themed Rooms:

Star Wars Themed Room Ideas

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Whether you have a boy or girl, young or old, Star Wars fans alike will geek out over these Star Wars room ideas! Keep reading to see both full room designs and individual decor items that will give your little Luke Skywalker the room of their dreams!

Star Wars Room Decor

Twin Star Wars Bedding

You can find Star Wars bedding in other sizes, but Star Wars bedding in twin is most common in stores when shopping for bedding.

Not forgetting your littles, this blue blanket with Star Wars characters on it from Walmart can be a great option if you still have a toddler since this is toddler bedding!

Keeping in tune with the littles, if you’re looking to bring Star Wars into a girl or boy’s room as a toddler, this more neutral gray and white toddler Star Wars quilt with C-3PO and R2-D2 on it can provide the Star Wars bedroom your little one wants with a neutral touch you may prefer.

The good thing about just having a sheet set like these awesome Star Wars sheets is that you can use a color within them to use throughout the room in additional room decor. You can create a darker room for older kids and teens or you could use light lighter colors for a younger kiddo.

Millennium Falcon anyone? Here is another option for Star Wars bedding set that has a huge Millennium Falcon on it for a kids rooms that will surely make room for your little ones to play and use their imaginations, like they’re in it flying! I’m not living vicariously through your kids right now or anything.

Nah. Not me.

What’s fun about this bedding is that it’s reversible so if your kids share a room with bunk beds, it could look like 2 different bedding sets even though it’s actually only one!

Are these the droids you’re looking for? Fun and whimsical, these sheets with R2-D2 and droids on it are great for any Star Wars lover.

Without a doubt, my kids’ favorite character from Star Wars is Yoda. They actually are in love with Baby Yoda, but I don’t have the heart to tell them that baby Yoda is not actually in Star Wars.

I do know that I could easily win them over regardless though with these super cute baby Yoda sheets. Too bad they don’t make these in a King size or I might have to sneak some for our own primary bedroom.

Speaking of the child, this Precious Cargo baby Yoda Star Wars bedding in a twin size would be super cute for a room with multiple beds in it.

Star Wars Decor

How cute would this be for a little Star Wars themed nursery? Gotta love a play on words and this Twinkle Twinkle Little (Death) Star pendant is such a precious piece of wall art for a Star Wars room.

Okay how cool would these Star Wars 3D lights be in a man cave or a playroom? SO much fun! I’m not showing these to my kids because I know they’d want them for sure.

You can change the characters and colors with the remote that comes along with it so your kids can fight over making it into their favorite Star Wars character! Hooray for parenting woes!

Another light option for a Star Wars themed room would be this lightsaber LED light. You can hang it on the wall or if you’d rather, you could have it as a “lamp” and just have it on a nightstand or dresser.

What I love about this lightsaber light is that you can play with it too without worrying about breaking it, but then just hang it up on your wall to serve as a super cool night light if your kid needs one.

If you’ve got a little gamer on your hands, this baby Yoda (The Child) bean bag gamer chair would be perfect for an at home game room or media room.

Star Wars Wall Decor

Out of all the Star War themed room decor, it seems that we have left out Darth Vader and the good old Stormtroopers, but be not dismayed!

These super cute wooden handmade Darth Vader and Stormtrooper wall shelves are perfect for a Star Wars themed room of any age – from nurseries to teens!

Regardless of whatever room you have, storage for kids is an absolute necessity. If you’re having a themed room, why not add this cute little storage cube with The Child from Mandelorian on it?

Serves the purpose of storing while staying on theme for your kiddos room.

Wall Coverings and Wall Decals

There are TONS of wall Star Wars wall decal options like these available if you’re looking for them. Adding wall decals can be a less permanent solution to creating your own Star Wars themed roomif you still want to add some fun to a room in a rental or temporary housing situation.

Another great option if you’re in an apartment, rental, or other temporary living situation is removable wallpaper like this! Having removable wallpaper can be a super fun focal wall in a themed room. It would also work even if you’re in your forever home too so that if your kiddo ever grows out of Star Wars themed rooms, you can remove it.

But let’s be real – once a fan, always a fan.

Okay so I kinda saved the best for last. I can’t get over this wallpaper! Feels like you are STRAIGHT UP inside the Millennium Falcon. I can just imagine this in a media room or a kids’ room with dark walls and it just sparks so much joy and creativity!

The world is not lacking when it comes to Star Wars decor and creating a themed room around it.

Go explore and may the force be with you!

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