Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Halloween scavenger hunt ideas that kids will love to do with their parents or friends. It’s a fun and easy way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year with your child!


Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids and Teens


Halloween is a fun holiday that’s hard to get tired of, but it can be tough coming up with new ideas for how to celebrate each year.

The best way to entertain your children at a party is by having an activity that they can participate in together as a group, instead of just playing video games or watching TV.

2 kids holding jack o lantern candy baskets dressed up for Halloween

With these Halloween scavenger hunt ideas, you’ll have no trouble coming up with interesting activities that will get everyone involved!

How do you play a Halloween scavenger hunt?

Depending on the size of your group and how old the ones are that will be involved in the scavenger hunt, you may want to split the group up into smaller teams.

If you do create smaller teams, each team will need a copy of the scavenger hunt clues and your list of locations, so print enough copies of each if you have a larger group participating.

2 boys holding clipboards about to go on a scavenger hunt

Once all of the clues have been found, give out the next one until the kids reach their final prize.

If you want to make it even more fun, you can include some random clues along the way that aren’t on the list! You can also include little prizes or Halloween party favors with every clue. There really are endless ways to make this fun for kids of all ages!

To make the game even more fun, change up what you have at each location and hide a few surprises during the hunt!

If you’re looking to make your night last longer, especially if you have older kids like teens or tweens, add some extra trivia questions before the final prize at the end!

How can I come up with Halloween scavenger hunt ideas on my own?

Here are a few ideas that you can start off with and then run with that however you choose:

1) Make a list of items you have in each room in your house (chairs, couches, tables, lamps), and have them go around and find clues that are in or around those items.

little kid hands holding puzzle pieces

2) Hide Halloween themed puzzle pieces that they have to put together themselves as they find it piece by piece. This way everyone can work at his or her own pace while still having something to do as a group. If you don’t have a Halloween themed puzzle, don’t buy one just for this. Use what you have!

3) Print out three different Halloween pictures from Google Images – one funny picture (like a funny mummy), one cute picture (a cute little cartoon ghost), and one scary picture (a zombie). Cut each picture into however many pieces so no one has all the parts necessary to see what’s going on in the photo until it’s complete.

Then place these three pictures around the house or in other places and have them work together to put each puzzle back together again and see what they are when it’s finished!

little kids hands holding a pink and white card

4) Hide some Halloween candy in one room, but also hide a few small toys around there too. Write clues so that they can be led to take whichever items they find first. You can make it fun and let the older kids write some clues for the younger kids!

5) Change up the order of clue locations and hide a small prize at every other location (or randomly based on your own preferences). This will keep everyone happy that they’ve found something new to look forward to!

bright blue table with little boy putting together puzzle pieces

6) Make a list of questions that contain Halloween-themed trivia about things like popular Halloween movies and TV shows, witch history, or Halloween history. This can of course be made easier for toddlers (think things like shapes, colors, letters). Put clues where the trivia will take them and let each team compete to see who can answer their question first!

What are some Halloween scavenger hunt ideas for kids with free printables?

Below is a list of some awesome Halloween scavenger hunt ideas for kids that come with cute clues or sheets you can print which take a lot of work out of it for you!

This list is filled with ideas that can be done while you’re hanging out inside on Halloween or if you have a rainy Halloween where going outside isn’t an option:

Are there any Halloween scavenger hunt ideas for teens or tweens?

Of course there are! You have a couple options – you can either adapt these ideas I’ve already listed here to make them a bit harder for the older crowd or incorporate their phones!


All of these scavenger hunt ideas are perfect for Halloween night, but they also work great any other time of the year by simply changing up some of the details. Whether you want to plan a family game night or have friends over this weekend, be sure to try one out!

Now that you have these ideas, you can take your boy in his dino costume and your girl dressed up like a rainbow princess unicorn and get to work creating your own scavenger hunt for the next Halloween party! You can make it as difficult or easy as you like.

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