4 Pikler Triangle Plans For Any Skill Level

Regardless of your skills or woodworking abilities, these pikler triangle plans will have your little montessori loving babe playing in no time for a fraction of the cost!


4 Pikler Triangle DIY Plans

Have you ever seen a Pikler Triangle?

I first heard about them when I was trying to find something that our 2 year old son could climb on that wasn’t….beds, tables, chairs, counters, fridges, or cabinets. You know, things he can’t destroy.

I came across the Pikler Climbing Triangle when I was actually trying to research a way to make a DIY climbing wall somehow with supplies I can pick up at my local Home Depot or Lowes.

I found a lot of options for really great plans to help build a Pikler Triangle and I thought I would share those with you today in case you’re trying to DIY yours as well!

What is a Pikler Triangle?

The pikler triangle plans are a simple yet creative concept, and can be used to enhance many different aspects of children’s learning. The pikler plan has even been found to be beneficial for kids with special needs such as autism.

The pikler triangle can be used to enhance learning for children, providing them with practical skills and can enhance their motor development.

4 Easy Pikler Triangle Plans

This DIY Pikler Triangle with additional rock climbing wall portion was the first one I came across and I love it! These guys sell their PDF plans and even with buy the plans, it is WAY cheaper than it would be to buy one!

I love Charleston Crafted plans because they’re so super detailed and have every single step drawn out which is so super helpful!

How tall should a Pikler Triangle be?

The Pikler Triangle should be a little taller than 18 inches, but typically range between 18 to 24 inches in total height.

What age is a Pikler Triangle good for?

A pikler triangle is good for infants through to older children with special needs.

This option for plans from A Butterfly House is for a foldable Pikler Triangle which is great if you’re short on space or need this to be inside your living room or playroom as opposed to outside somewhere.

My 6 year old daughter would be so mad if she saw this and knew that I did not make her one, she’d have a straight up FIT. The rainbow colors even have ME excited! It’s SO FUN!

Not up to making your own? I get it! Building the ladders, finding high quality materials, learning what a forstner bit even is – it’s a lot!

Great news for you, I’ve rounded up these options for you to choose from to buy a Pikler Triangle instead!

The Pikler Triangle is a fun way to learn and play for children, especially the more “busy” ones. It can be customized in numerous ways – adding a climbing arch or frame or having slides or ramps! There are a lot of possibilities for it.

With the Pikler Triangle, your little one can explore their senses through touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell by using it for different purposes. Mix it up! Have fun!

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