Why Every Little Girl Needs A Vanity

These toddler vanity options will spark joy and creativity, all the while allowing her to have somewhere to keep the mess at a minimum! Win for moms and little girls!


5 Highly Rated Toddler Vanities from Amazon

I’m not sure about you, but toddler girls come with….stuff.

Toddlers in general come with stuff, but those girls seem to accumulate more than normal. They have a lot of toys and accessories that they love to play with, but we parents don’t always want them all over the house, right? 

Our daughter loved playing dress up even from an early age. Getting dolled up and pretend play was a favorite past time of hers. Still is at 6 years old. You are never too old to be a princess (or have a princess bedroom! 😉)

Which I have a hard time with because I am so NOT a girly girl. No dresses and I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore makeup.

If you’re like us, you might want something cute enough to be part of the decor in your home, but also something that would help you stay sane when it came time to clean up after playtime.

A makeup vanity! Today I’m rounding up for you the top 5 highest rated toddler vanity options from Amazon!

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Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair With Accessories

pink toddler vanity set with accessories

Recommended age: Ages 3+

This pink toddler vanity set with stool from Amazon will be a huge hit with little girls. Not only is it very affordable, it has tons of storage space and the chair rotates 360 degrees!

Don’t you remember being a kid and spinning in something to make yourself dizzy because it was fun? Now if I have to bend over to pick something up, I get dizzy.

My, how the times have changed.

This vanity includes everything you need for pretend play: hair dryer, jewelry, perfume and nail polish, makeup.

This is the perfect toy for helping your little girl to develop her creative side while also encouraging her imagination and self expression. They are fun to play with alone, or great to enjoy along with their friends. Your little girl will enjoy playing with this for years to come!

Kids Vanity Set with Detachable Top

pink and white vanity from Amazon

Recommended age: 2-4

If you prefer a wood vanity over a plastic one, this cute little pink and white vanity is what you need.

There is one large storage drawer to store all of her makeup supplies.The vanity itself can be used with or without the mirror, but if you take it off, it can be used as a desk as she grows older.

A great choice to help train your little one’s dressing skills. She will love role playing with her friends while creating all sorts of new looks for herself!

Vanity Set with Working Piano

pink and white vanity with piano inside and little girl playning

Recommended age: 3-12

Music and makeup?? What else could a little girl want? This pink and white vanity doubles as a music making station with the built in piano. Your little girl can sing her heart out and look like a princess while doing it!

Not only is this good for your daughter’s social skills (she’ll have to share with friends), but it can also help her develop valuable language skills or realize she has talents she may not have known she had.

The stool is solid and stable enough that even a 2 year old can climb up without any problems. The stool is low enough that it’s still easy for mom and dad to assist with learning how to put on makeup or helping her dress up in the clothes.

The mirror has a princess in it and she lights up and flashes. This is great for encouraging imaginative play that many little girls love to do. The mirror can also help with language development by naming parts of the face (i.e., lips, eyes, nose).

The hair dryer works well for blowing air around – perfect for playing pretend! Your little one will love experimenting with hair and clothes.

Teamson Kids Gold Polka Dot Kids Pretend Play Dressing Table

white vanity with gold polka dots and stool for toddlers

Recommended age: 3-12

Make pretend with this white and gold polka dot children’s dressing table that is also cute enough to be part of your home’s decor. No more fighting over who gets the makeup first, just sit down and get ready alongside your little one in style. If you’re looking for a great gift idea or fun addition to your child’s room then look no further. This kids vanity set is sure to be a hit for any little girl!

With this vanity set you can encourage pretend play that is mess free, promote social, language, and emotional development in addition to thinking skills. The girls vanity is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any little girl!

This make up table set includes a tri-fold mirror with built in storage drawer for everything from makeup to hairbrushes. It has durable construction and easy cleaning materials so it can stand up to any child’s play and remain looking great in your home.

The girls vanity set comes with the perfect size bench to make getting ready easy for kids of all ages. Girls can have their very own place to sit down and get ready just like mommy! She will love sitting right next to you at the sink or on top of this stool as she gets ready for any special occasion.

You can use this vanity set as part of a pretend play area or simply have it decorate your child’s bedroom as part of her room’s décor. The white and gold design looks fantastic with the included stool for a great look in any room.

Step 2 Pretty & Posh Toddler Vanity Playset

purple and white toddler vanity set

Recommended age: 3-8

If purple is more your little girl’s vibe instead of pink, then this little Step 2 vanity option may be for you.

This pretty set includes a stool and matching accessories, including a brush, comb, hand mirror and jewelry box. This fun vanity allows girls to use their imagination in a mess-free way.

There is a light on the mirror to emulate a real lighted makeup mirror. The drawer opens so little girls can store their make up, jewelry and other personal items.

This set includes a stool that has a wide base to keep it steady.

The great thing about this beauty set is that the stool can be used for other types of play as well. It is sturdy enough to stand on (carefully and with supervision), can be moved from room to room or even outside since it’s made from plastic. Play with your child using their imagination and create so many different opportunities for fun!

The vanities I’ve listed are not only beautiful, but they have great reviews from parents who’ve used them with their own daughters. I hope you find one that matches both your personal style and budget, so you can enjoy watching your daughter play for hours on end!

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