12 Charming Purple Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

If you are looking for the perfect bedrooms ideas to make your teenage girl happy, this article has tips on how to create a purple bedroom that is trendy but not tacky.


Chic Purple Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls (or guys!)

Most teen girls are super opinionated, especially when it comes to their own things.

When it comes to their space where they feel safe, where they sleep and where they spend time with friends, your teenage girl probably will have a lot to say about what she wants her bedroom to look like.

Your little girl is growing up and you want to make your girl’s room reflect who she is. You don’t want it to be too childish, but you also don’t want it to look like she’s hopped out of a room in Queen Victoria’s home.

white daybed with white built in bookshelves with purple walls and purple bedding

Purple can actually be a calming color which makes it a perfect choice to help calm down some of the noise our teens deal with day in and day out.

If you don’t want your purple bedroom for your teen to look cheap or tacky, here are 12 chic purple bedroom ideas for your teenage girl that will surely inspire you.

Purple Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

Think aesthetic, not entire room

By this I mean just because your teen wants a purple bedroom does not mean that you need to run out and paint the entire room purple.

It might be a good idea to consider picking one or two pieces of furniture – like a dresser, a desk or bedside tables and have it be purple.

light purple walls and curtains with corner bed

You can then use other furniture pieces like the bed, bookshelves, etc which are in a more neutral color, but also go great with the main focal piece so that you get to add in some other colors and still use the purple shade.

Of course if you want the entire room to be purple, that’s fine too. Sometimes having a monochromatic space is chic and has a grown up feel.

You can have the walls painted purple or you can even paint just a single purple wall to be a focal point within the room that will provide the feel of a purple bedroom for your teenager without overwhelming the entire space.

Choose a shade of purple that is not the one in the rainbow

Purple can be a calming color if done right. If it is not done well, you could end up with a very tacky and cheap looking bedroom which is not the point when you’re going for a chic, more modern purple teenage girl’s bedroom.

floral wallpaper with purple curtains and white bedding with purple stripe on a white iron bed

If you want a bold and romantic purple bedroom, try your hand at a deeper hue of purple, almost plum.

If you want more of a light and happy space that still feels calm, you can lean more towards a lighter purple or lavender/lilac shade of purple.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the undertones in a purple paint color so you can know which way to lean with your decor items that will go into the room like bedding, curtains, rugs, and throw pillows.

Consider only using purple accents throughout the room for a “less invasive” look and feel

If you or your teen just can’t commit to painting the room purple, maybe just consider using neutral bedding and furniture and have purple as your accent color.

Try some white bedding with purple throw pillows and purple sheets.

tan upholstered bed with purple sheer curtains

Or you could do solid wood furniture with neutral cream bedding and have a purple rug and sheer purple curtains.

This gives you the chance to choose other neutral colors for your walls, but still have purple elements in the room.

purple bedroom ideas for teenage girl with white desk and purple desk chair

When I was a teen, I remember how much time I spent in my bedroom either just to be alone or studying. If there’s room for a desk in their room, maybe you could simply add some purple desk accessories or a cute purple desk chair and lamp that will help the space feel like a true purple bedroom.

Don’t forget wall art

deep gray walls with purple bedding and purple artwork over bed

There are so many places to get cool artwork now and especially with everything being digital, you can find prints for relatively cheap and then get them printed either at a local print shop or you could even get them printed on canvas.

Unsolicited advice: They’re not paying me to say this but we personally love EasyCanvasPrints.com. They’re always having a sale and the canvas prints that we have ordered (both that are photographs and art prints) look great and are great quality. And they ship super fast.

If art is not an option for you and your teenager, consider getting them some tapestries for their wall. They have a unique and modern feel to them and if they get dirty, you can just throw them in the washer.

Tapestries come in all sorts of sizes and if you just want to hang them up, they provide the perfect backdrop for some dreamy purple bedding.

If your teen is more into photography, maybe allow them to take some photos of things they want to be displayed in their room and add them to purple frames. The opportunities are endless – the key is just to make sure they do get a say in their room unless they specifically ask you to do everything for them or to surprise them with a room makeover.

Consider lighting to add ambience

After you’ve added all the purple decor or paint or wallpapers, don’t forget the lighting. Sheer curtains with twinkly lights can add an incredible soft feeling to your teen’s room.

Or maybe you could put the money towards a nice chandelier and let your teen enjoy it as well.

What teenage girl doesn’t like sparkles and twinkly lights? And I also know that a lot of teens don’t love overhead lighting because it’s too bright so having the option to turn on either a purple table or desk lamp and then some twinkly lights will give them the perfect amount of lighting in their room.

You could also consider purple fairy lights to add to the walls or the canopy of their bed if they have that. These are cheap and can be easily ordered online (these fairy lights with a remote are my favorite and you can choose the color!) and set up anywhere around your teen’s room.

The most important thing is to make her bedroom an extension of herself so she can be comfortable there and enjoy spending time with friends or alone. If you treat it like a blank canvas, you’ll probably see that she ends up taking ownership of the room and decorating it on her own.

Use nature as decor

purple lilies in focus with purple bed with white bedding in the background

One of my favorite ways of adding decor in the color of your choice is by nature – like flowers! I love this because as the seasons change, your flowers can also change which means that there’s never a time when it feels like your teen’s room is boring.

If you have the space (and knowledge and patience), perhaps look into planting flowers in your yard to harvest so that she can enjoy growing flowers outside and then bringing them in herself. It can also help the room feel more “alive” and growing with your growing girl.

gray sheets on bed with purple flowers on bedside table

Either way, this may be better than adding posters or pictures to the wall because not only does it feel more personal but it also changes with the seasons.


Purple is a great color for your teenage daughter’s room because it can be both calming and bold. If she has an opinion about how her bedroom should look or feel, definitely take note of this! She may not want anything too bright but if she loves something more romantic with deep purples instead then by all means do that!

A lot of times teens don’t have much input when it comes to their bedrooms since they’re often engulfed in school and working on finding themselves as independent thinkers. Let them add some personal touches and come up with ideas that they can enjoy.

You’ll find out pretty quickly if they’re not interested in decorating their own room because you’ll hear a resounding “I don’t care” when you ask them what they want in their bedroom.

For what it’s worth, you can always paint a room again. Teens are similar to toddlers in that they want control and so now that they’re older, give them a bit more responsibility and let them add their own decor and come up with their own ideas. They’ll thank you for it in the future, speaking from experience.

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