10 Apartment Balcony Christmas Decorating Ideas That Are Totally Achievable

If you or your teen are in a small apartment, don’t feel like you can’t decorate because you don’t have a giant front porch. Here are some great apartment balcony Christmas decorating ideas that work great for even the smallest spaces!


Small Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

Balcony Christmas Decorating Ideas

What do you do if your teen absolutely loves Christmas, but there’s no space in their new apartment?

It seems like all the photos you see when looking online are big houses with lots of room to decorate their balconies or front porches, but that’s just not always the case. It may be hard to find something to fit on your apartment balcony.

small apartment balcony Christmas decorations

But the good news is there are plenty of ways to make your small apartment balcony look amazing for Christmas without taking up too much space and looking cluttered.

Here are some ways you can bring the Christmas magic to the outside of your home, even if you’ve only got a small balcony in an apartment to work with!

How can I decorate my apartment balcony for Christmas?

Turn up the cozy factor

Nothing screams Christmas cozy like a blanket and a mug of something hot. Take that feeling and put it on your balcony by bringing the blankets and mugs outdoors.

cozy apartment balcony christmas decorating ideas

Make sure if you’re using blankets on your small apartment balcony that they’re heavy enough so that they won’t blow away or they can withstand outdoor elements. Still, typically most blankets shouldn’t be kept outside.

white and red Christmas decor on a small porch

Decorate with them, sure. Take pictures with them, sure. But they’re probably best left inside, especially if you live in an area with rain or snow.

Add string lights

Twinkly lights are great for any time of year but are especially great during the winter months.

If you want to do something simple, go all white lights. Or go all red lights or both! If you’re going to the effort of decorating with Christmas lights, make sure they stand out and that your guests can see them from a distance.

apartment balcony decorated with Christmas lights
Cozy Small Balcony via @girlandtheword

If your small apartment balcony is up high (like in a high-rise situation), you can hang your lights from the top like in this photo here.

Another great option is to wrap your string lights on the railing of your balcony. This can work whether you have a high rise or are on the ground floor.

Work with the space you have

Some apartment balconies are more prominent, but in some cases, your balcony may not even be a place you can use.

But there are still decorating options that work and don’t take up space!

For example, you can hang a large piece of fabric or string lights on your wall and then add homemade garland to it for the holidays.

Another popular idea is to get creative with holiday-themed stencils, like snowflakes or Christmas trees.

small corner in an apartment balcony decorated with Christmas

Even just a corner on your apartment balcony can be a great place to stick some Christmas decor or some greenery on a small side table.

Add natural elements

small apartment balcony Christmas decorations 3 wreaths

Something as small as a wreath on your apartment balcony door or railings can make all the difference in bringing Christmas magic to your space!

For example, pinecones and Christmas tree clippings are excellent options because they’re cost-effective and look great as decorations or wrapped in string lights. And then there are evergreen boughs that can be placed in vases or other containers, adding a natural element to your space while still bringing Christmas decor.

These are easy options that look great when paired with other decor, and they won’t cost you a lot of money either! Natural elements are things that would be outside already, so why not make these things part of your apartment balcony Christmas decor?

Use things that can withstand the weather

small apartment balcony christmas decorations that are red and plaid in a small area

I’ve alluded to this already, but having decor items outside means they’re going to be exposed to the elements. There are many Christmas decor items designed to be outside, like wreaths, doormats, and certain outdoor pillows.

Just make sure that you’re using things that are made of materials that can be outdoors when you’re decorating your apartment balcony for Christmas.

Shop your home

Don’t feel like you have to immediately go out and buy new every year. You can begin with a few simple staples and then build on those.

merry doormat and wreath with woman stooping down

Think of creating more of a “capsule” for your Christmas decor and start there. This means basics in neutral colors – like creams, reds, and whites – and adding more decorative things with patterns and prints.

Show your personality

As always, when it comes to your own decor, show your personality.

If you like simple and minimal decor, leave it simple with neutral decor items and natural elements.

small balcony with garland and Christmas ornaments
Fun Apartment Balcony Christmas Decor via Rent

If bright colors are your thing, don’t hide it just because it’s not Christmas colors! You don’t need a ton of space to show all your personality in your Christmas decor on your patio or balcony.

Think about how you can show your personality in simple ways, like throw pillows on your outdoor furniture! You can also add some flair by adding colored Christmas ornaments on a garland or using colored Christmas lights instead of white lights.

Now that you have a little bit of inspiration for making your balcony festive this year start planning yours!

plaid Christmas decor on a small porch
Christmas Plaid Decor via Southern Seazons

It’s going to be Christmas before you know it, and that means it’s going to be time to get your apartment balcony looking festive.

Having a teen out on their own (or you being out on your own) for the first time is a big deal, and this can be a super fun tradition to start now and continue for years to come.

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