8 Inspiring Examples of Stylish, Minimalist Children’s Rooms

The best modern minimalist children’s room designs you’ll see on the internet! This post is a can’t miss if you’re trying to design a modern minimalist room of your own!

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Inspiring Examples of Stylish, Minimalist Children’s Rooms

There are so many ways to decorate a kid’s room that it can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and lose sight of what you really want your child’s room to look like.

A lot of people, including myself, have had this problem, but there are also some great examples out there that show how you can create a stylish, minimalist children’s room without breaking the bank or losing your mind! 

There are plenty of ways to create a stylish minimalist children’s room. Here are some examples from real life homes.

8 Inspiring Minimalist Children’s Rooms

This sweet space from Thistle Harvest is a great example of less is more in a minimalist designed nursery.

The floating shelves double as both storage but also kind of “wall art” in a way and throw in the cozy woven rug and this space is ready for a sweet little one.

You can tell this room is small, but it doesn’t lack a single thing when it comes to a child’s “living space”. It has everything you need for baby – somewhere to sleep and somewhere to be snuggled. The rest is just a luxury. I love the natural lighting in this room from the huge window which makes the space feel more open.

This minimalist child’s bedroom has simple bedding, neutral walls and a bit of exploring in this post on her site offers great minimalist organization tips.

I love this small space minimalist kid’s room. The fact that it isn’t all just white and neutral colors, but has a touch of blue with the large area rug as a focal point just goes to show minimalism doesn’t at all mean boring.

Add in a simple wood bed frame, and this room is ready to tug at the heartstrings of any minimalist lover’s heart.

This is one of my favorite versions of a minimalist nursery. Neutral furniture, super cute wallpaper that is a focal point, but still somehow blends in and then the wall shelves that house books that can grow with baby.

The first word that comes to mind to describe the view of this little nursery is warm. Everything in here is warm. Although most things in here are white, the feeling of the decor and design all put together brings warmth.

Minimalist isn’t always cold and sterile. It can also feel incredibly cozy.

A bed on the floor can really help with the minimal look because you don’t have the added “busy” feel that can sometimes come with a toddler or kid bed. Another great idea for minimalist wall art is just having prints hung on the wall without frames.

That way you can still have the option to have art that even may be sentimental, but without the bulkiness of frames.

Modern, boho minimalist. The addition of bringing plants into a baby space can (quite literally) breathe life into it, while still remaining serene and neutral.

So, how do you know what to buy and where to start?

The best way is just to get started! You can always change things up later if they don’t work out. Put down the paint chips, throw away your Pinterest board of “ideal” children’s rooms, and dive in head first with a fresh perspective.

And if you’re not into the minimalist idea, but would rather go with a themed room, try some ideas from our Star Wars themed room or our princess themed room posts!

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