Playroom Organization Ideas: 12 Helpful Hacks for Keeping Toys Tidy

If you’ve got a playroom, chances are it can easily become a disaster. Not anymore with these playroom organization ideas and hacks straight from the pros!


Playroom Storage and Organization Ideas

We all know that playrooms and game rooms are a great way to keep kids entertained and out of your hair, but they can also be the biggest mess in the house. 

If you’re like me, it’s hard to find time for cleaning up toys on top of everything else that needs to get done around the house. It would just be easier if we had more space or some better storage and playroom organization solutions! 

I’ve gathered together my favorite tips and tricks for making the most of our playroom with minimal effort (or expense). These hacks will help you make the most out of every inch while keeping things clean and organized-even when your kids want to use their imaginations!

storage cubes with basket, toys, books and a lamp on top

Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge playroom or even a dedicated space for your kids to play. These ideas work great for any size playroom or play space.

Not to mention I made sure to include ideas that will blow your mind, not your budget. The goal is to organize with minimal spending or invest in things that will last for a while!

How Do I Maximize My Kids Playroom Space?

girls hands playing with pink kinetic sand

Suppose you’re working with a smaller playroom or just a corner in a kid’s bedroom. In that case, you’re probably feeling some pressure to come up with fantastic ideas but also not break the bank.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes incredible ideas can turn into expensive projects that never actually happen. I wanted to provide you with some excellent ways to make the most of your space without having to spend a fortune or go crazy making things perfect (because at least in my household, perfect doesn’t happen often!).

white shag carpet with wooden toys on the floor

When you’re trying to maximize a small space, you need to start with a good foundation. When I say foundation, I mean your floor; we’re going to work our way up.

basket of stuffed animals in a corner of a white room

Playroom organization can be as simple as getting several storage bins or baskets and getting things off your floor in “categories.” For example, a basket for books, a basket for stuffies, and a basket for toy cars and trucks.

How Do You Organize Toys in Small Spaces?

Don’t let the small size of your space hold you back! There are plenty of playroom storage ideas that will work for you. If you have either a small playroom or just a tiny area within another room, you’ll need to make sure you’re utilizing every inch of space.

Utilizing the wall for storage and organization is vital.

storage cube in playroom on white background

While this may not always be an option, using a closet within the room that is your playroom could be a game-changer. Stick a cube organizer in there with baskets, and you can keep things out of sight, which may help with your sanity.

How Do I Keep My Playroom Organized?

In general, there are some super helpful playroom hacks that will work regardless of room size. These are budget-friendly, common sense ways to make the most of your space without it feeling too cluttered.

1. Purge unused toys

boy playing with trains on the floor in navy tank top and grey sweatpants

This is going to be step one. I know it may be hard to get rid of those cherished playroom toys, but if they’re not being used, it’s time to say goodbye.

Genius playroom organization idea: Set up a “toy rotation.” A few times a year put away a box of toys. Then rotate toys out so that the kids feel like they have new toys, but it’s just renewed joy with the toys they already have! Great option if you’re on a budget and want to live with less toys at a time.

2. Use vertical space

Vertical space is often wasted in a playroom. Use wall hooks or shelves with baskets to hold books/movies, stuffed animals, or even some light toys like Play-Doh or small puzzles that kids can do independently.

prop plane bookshelf hanging on wall

If you have extra space on the wall, use it. You can also add cubbies or baskets to hold kids’ toys and books.

You can even get creative and add a climbing wall or things that your active kiddos can get some of that energy out on.

3. Designate a “workspace”

girl in white shirt with blonde hair playin with wood blocks

Use a table and chairs for “workspace” and free up more floor space even if you don’t have a separate desk in your playroom. If there isn’t room for a desk, consider investing in one of these tabletop easels with a chalkboard.

Crate and Kids has one of my favorite nesting kids play tables which is a round table with stools that slide completely under and is a great space saver.

4. Use bulletin boards or pegboards

Hang a bulletin board or pegboard to clip up important papers, drawings, or photos, and keep all of those clips organized in a plastic box with a lid.

This could even be something that you could add to a rolling storage cart with other art and craft supplies.

5. Use labels as much as possible

This may seem like it won’t work if you have kids that can’t read, but you can use both a picture and words on a label.

That way, if you have mixed-aged kids, the older ones can read, and the younger ones can use the pictures. It gives you an excuse to work with them on letter recognition as they look at the pictures to clean up their toys.

6. Keep the floor clear

girl with brown hair putting books back on shelf in storage cube

It will be way easier to find things if they’re not buried under other toys! I know this may seem impossible while they’re playing, but this is why you want to use as many labels as possible.

7. Hide the clutter

Hideaway clutter with a bookcase where shelves can double as storage. Make sure it doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling so you can maximize space and even hang things above the shelves if you have the room.

8. Have an empty basket

Keep a basket or bin on shelves for books, toys, workbooks, and other things that are used often but scattered around the house. It will keep everything in one easy-to-reach place where you can grab them quickly.

brown woven basket with stuffed animals on the floor

Use this as a bin when toys don’t go in a particular category. Alternatively, if there’s an empty basket or bin, the kiddos can walk around the room, pick up all the toys at once, and then put them in their respective baskets.

I can’t say it enough – don’t be afraid to use baskets! They’re low cost, easy to access, and hideaway more than you’d think. While they won’t make your room look necessarily Pinterest-worthy, these simple tricks will make the most significant difference in keeping you sane!

9. Tame the tiny toys

Something about little girls, but they love little toys and little things in general. If you have small toys, consider getting a plastic divided bin or container for them – it makes clean up SO much easier! It may delay the time it takes to have missing pieces to things.

10. Zipper pouches

Store board games and puzzles in zipper pouches. Using zipper pouches in our own playroom has changed our world.

These are my favorite zipper pouches because they come in different sizes, and they’re great for everything! Even those tiny toys or small pieces that go in a set.

Bonus: if they’re easily accessible, it may mean less whining!

Parenting hack: Use these zipper pouches in your car’s center console! Great way to keep everything close but not rolling around in your car.

11. Systemize your art supplies

little girl playing with white box of crayons

(Try to) create a routine for crayons, markers, and pencils. Whether you keep them in a designated bin or choose one to be the “home” of your art supplies, make sure it’s always kept in the same place.

This is another case for a rolling cart with art supplies. You can have the rolling cart always be out, or you can tuck it away in a closet when it’s not in use so that you don’t feel it’s in the way.

12. Declutter often

Declutter multiple times a year. Most parents will aim to do a cleanout in spring or even before Christmas, but why not do it both? The more you declutter, the more likely things are to stay organized.

Take baby steps and work on decluttering whenever you have the chance. It’s crazy the amount of random little toys that come in from school, birthday parties, or even those machines you can get toys from at the supermarket or a restaurant.

black woman's hands picking up a school bus

Having a play area that is organized and tidy can be very beneficial to your child’s development. It will help them learn how to clean up after themselves, stay focused on one task at hand without distractions, and encourage independent play in different areas of their life.

The tips shared here should make it easier for you to keep your kid’s space free from clutter so they can enjoy playing with toys instead of having all the fun ruined by messes!

Happy playing!

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