14 DIY Halloween Costumes You Definitely Can Make

If you’d rather flex your DIY muscles, try out these super cute DIY Halloween costumes your kids will thank you for!

When it comes to Halloween costumes, not all of us want to be going out to a store and buy them.

It often means that you are buying the same outfits as everyone else and also, there many times isn’t a huge selection.

However, there are incredible costumes that you can make at home if you’re willing to try! A DIY costume is a great way to get creative, get your kids involved in making their costumes, and use things that you can find in your home, helping to keep the costs down.

Here are some of the DIY Halloween costumes that I have found to give you some inspiration!


DIY halloween costume scarecrow
DIY scarecrow costume via Where the Smiles Have Been

How cute is this little scarecrow? A scarecrow costume is a great idea for a DIY Halloween costume.

If you have denim overalls and a flannel shirt that can go under it, the rest of the outfit is easily made and you can transform those two pieces of clothes into something creative. 

Box Robot

kid in DIY box robot costume
DIY Box Robot Costume via Two Kids and a Coupon

Often the simplest ideas are sometimes the best ideas, and if you want a DIY costume that is easy to create but also makes good use of all those Amazon boxes you have laying around, try this DIY robot costume out!


baby laying next to Cocomelon doll with Cocomelon halloween costume
DIY Cocomelon costume via Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Most parent’s know that Cocomelon can be a polarizing show, but if you have a kiddo who loves them, this is a very cute and quick costume to put together!

This onesie is an easy to prepare costume that could turn your young child into Baby JJ in just a few hours.

No-sew Superhero

no sew superhero halloween costumes laying down on table
DIY felt superhero costumes via Homemade Heather

We all want simplicity when it comes to making our Halloween costumes for our kids, and these easy no-sew superhero costumes will come in handy, even for times when it isn’t Halloween but dressup play at home is required for a rainy day!

Scrappy Unicorn

girl in purple hoodie in DIY unicorn costume
DIY unicorn costume with zip up hoodie via Handmade Heather

Who doesn’t want to dress up as a unicorn? Magic for everyone!

It is colorful and eye-catching, but the best part is you can do your own version of this and change up the colors and make it as colorful as you want!


DIY minecraft costume with 2 boys in character
DIY Minecraft costumes via Handmade Heather

Minecraft is a popular game that so many kiddos love to play. So why not have a go at making some Minecraft-inspired costumes?

There are a few different characters, and you are bound to have the things that you need to create them. Easy to make, inventive, and your kids will love them. 

Dr. Seuss One fish Two Fish

one fish two fish costume
DIY One Fish Two Fish costume via Homemade for Elle

Another one for younger children. Dr. Seuss is a classic, with many great options for books you can turn into costumes.

This is quite an easy costume to create, and if you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, you won’t need one with this! 

Peter Pan’s Shadow

DIY halloween costume of peter pan's shadow
DIY Peter Pan’s shadow costume via Tikkido

Peter Pan is usually a character that many children like to dress up as at Halloween or any other time, but why not be a little more creative and create a costume as Peter Pan’s shadow?

This is SO fun and unique and you likely wouldn’t have to worry about a duplicate costume like this among friends. 

No-sew Bat

DIY bat halloween costume
DIY bat costume via Tikkido

Spooky, but a little cute, this DIY bat costume could be a great option to consider. A great option for children of all ages, and you can add different things to it to make it more creative. 


DIY bullseye costume
DIY bullseye costume via Crafts by Amanda

A simple ensemble and a little bit of time, you can have this super fun bullseye costume perfect for any of your little ones who might want to stand out with a little bit of humor.

If you had 2 kids or even a parent/kid costume idea, you could make one person an archer and the other one the bullseye!


DIY princess dress costume laying on a wood floor
DIY princess costume via All About Baby Blog

Many girls love the idea of dressing up as a princess, especially at Halloween.

This tutorial covers everything that you need to know to create a wonderful princess costume yourself. This one requires a little bit of elbow grease, but it is totally doable and you can customize the colors to create whatever princess your kiddo is wanting to dress up as!

No-sew Owl

girl in homemade DIY owl costume
DIY owl costume via Little Ladoo

This one will take you a bit more time, but it looks WORTH IT!

This one is so cute and totally doable without sewing a thing. 

Olaf Costume

DIY olaf costume with apron laying on white background
DIY Olaf costume via Ruffles and Rainboots

Olaf stole all of our hearts as the loveable snowman that’s a third wheel to Anna and Elsa in Frozen.

This does require a bit of sewing, but this tutorial is very detailed and gives you absolutely everything you need to make this fun costume with an apron! 

Find out how to make your Olaf costume here

Disney Costume ideas

DIY disney costumes graphic
DIY Disney costumes via Ruffles and Rainboots

Sticking with the theme of Disney, if you are looking for other DIY options where Disney is involved then this blog post has you covered. 

These DIY Disney costume ideas are plenty and can inspire even the least handy of parents!

Shower Pouf

DIY shower pouf costume tutorial girl with purple tights in grass
DIY shower pouf costume via Crafts by Amanda

Finally, if you want something easy and a little more unusual then why not dress up as a shower pouf?

It might not be a first choice, but it can be a great option if you have older tweens or teens! 

I hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes and you and your kiddos enjoy the fun time to dress up!

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